Juhu beach, evening, Mumbai, India.

Rippling, shimmering expanse is challenging my vision with horizon.

Diamonds being embedded in the golden flow supervised by the setting Sun. Eyes brimming with dreams, some slithering into the sea of life and paying obeisance with being one.

Others with passion swim wear & heart goggles setting out to fathom the depths aided by belief fins.

Adrenalin begins to chase the elusive & mocking tomorrow.

Welcome to dreams2swim.

That Juhu beach evening draped my arms around my son next morning to exhort that teaching your dreams to swim in the sea of life is more critical than having dreams.

Bewilderment fought with Received wisdom and made me tell him “I have a dream”.

Famous 4 words that made America one nation.

Positioned ‘Dream’ and its potency in the public conscious of the world.

Barack Obama gave wings to those famous 4 and is living the dream. At least till the elections this year. And hopefully beyond as the world likes him & his leadership.

Welcome to dreams2swim.

Dream. The mere mention conjures up tomorrow, optimism, opportunity, focus, progress, motivation to pump life harder and live, not exist.

Absence leads to drudgery, monotony, disappointment, stagnation, demotivation, asphyxiation and salivating the ESC button on the keyboard of life.

Dreams have the Gravity of Jupiter and hence majority of them have air sickness. And if we don’t treat them with gravity then they love 2/3rds of Earth anyway !

Imperative and mandatory it is for us to teach them to swim in the sea of life.

Let’s see how…. Welcome to dreams2swim.