know what you want.

want what you do.

do what you like.


3 lines that blur :

  • drab vs exciting
  • weekday vs weekend
  • 9 to 5 vs 5 to 9
  • dying to vs dragging
  • existing vs living

livelihood for most of us is not what we love to do and/or are good at. (blessed are those who indeed are)
providence, fate, luck, destiny are common velcro’s that keep us firmly in the rut of daily existence.

all and any hardworking revolts that we muster are smothered by obese EMI’s gorging on a diet of 5 BHK’s, 4×4’s, foreign jaunts and countless branded ego poppers. mortgage usurps our middle name in the passport, subservience stamps its visa(ge) on our conscience as we yo-yo on our life coaster crawling along the valley of  rut.

i discovered my creativity beyond rip-roarious smart liners when necessity blessed me with a print ad followed by 3 TVC’s that I had to write.
fresh air met originality which had so far decorated the walls of ppt’s, circulars, launch meets, parties etc.
born out of thick fresh air finally was dreams2swim.

it’s an attempt of collective emancipation. living 2 lives & dreaming like a gemini which I am.
seeding tenets, observations, strong point of views on world events and seeking inspiration, ratification and value addition that would help us to dream uninhibitedly & unabashedly.

the draw is social. seeking solace from security in numbers to teaching numbers to seek security in dreams, teaching them 2 swim till we breathe our last fresh thick air.

thanx for being here and welcome aboard my journey that started one evening on Juhu beach…..