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oh buoy

while 2/3rd’s of our earth is water it mirrors the 1/3rd vividly especially when it comes to the ‘operating environment’.

shimmering ‘hope’, whirlpools of ‘confusion’, drowning in ‘sorrow’, unending ‘opportunity’, ‘fraud’ net, ‘prize’ catch, turbulent ‘affairs’, ‘relatives’ row boats, stormy ‘business’ winds, ‘knowledge’ depth, tidal ‘tantrum’ waves, ’emotional’ surfs, fish eat fish, ‘vice’ hooks, capsizing ‘humanity’, ‘criminal’ high tide, shallow ‘people’, dark lighthouses, barrier reefy ‘politicians’, brackish ‘relationships’, root canals, ‘loan’ sharks, low ‘trust’ tide, ‘mortgage’ pirates, ‘self doubting’ ripples, ‘social’ anchors, ‘parental’ piers et al

dreaming in the sea of life has never been easy neither for the marines nor for us landlords. the chances of survival are highly underwhelming.

however for the insanely avid dreams2swimmers there are life buoys.

courage, concentration, belief, patience, confidence, tolerance, compromise….

these buoy us in immersive times pushing us to roll our arms over once more towards our dream destination.

and these pit stops let us take respite, recoup and never let go of our mission impossible.

oh buoy don’t we love them & life….

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