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remove the ESC button from the keyboard of life

time and again both in our personal & professional lives we have cajoled ourselves with a laundry list
of common & convenient procrastination refrains :

  1. not now. will do it later
  2. i am tired. need a break !!
  3. time will take care of this. let’s wait for now
  4. how much can I do ? my plate is fuller than full !!
  5. what’s the point ? nobody understands what I am doing !!

all of these are designed to make us feel comfortable, wallow sometimes in self pity and justify our reluctance if not pure cowardice in pushing our limits to tackle life and its issues head on.

reminds me of the famous charlie brown – linus poster that I had in my room as a child “there is no problem so big or so complicated that i cannot run away from it”

ultimate escapism. isn’t it ?

well if you look around life’s landscape it surely is littered with examples of daily escapism :

“my son is not studying and doesn’t listen to me. maybe he will understand on his own. anyway I will talk to him soon.”
“i need to find a solution to reverse the sales decline. but I have got so much to do and will do this next week. my boss will figure it out anyway “
“my wife and I don’t agree on whether to stay alone or with my parents. let’s wait for some more time and things will sort themselves out.”
“my software will change the way we use spreadsheets but no one is listening. i will not work on it any more. why should I waste my time?”

The root cause analysis (rca) for all the above according to me is the lack of a blinding vision, a goal or a dream. that single minded focus which fuels the 3d’s (desire, determination & dedication) that are akin to heat sensing missiles that seek out hot or burning issues and douse them with solution water

when you are 3d’ed time flies, son listens, courage smiles, sales zoom, conviction encourages parents stay with us and all is well !

in today’s connected world where keyboard IS life on all screens removing the escape button will make us better contented beings raring to look tomorrow in the eye.

and by the way what better day to write this blog post than today 24th Feb !

the day an eternal dreamer was born. not only did he remove the escape button from his keyboard of life but did so with many others too enabling them to bust their limitations and make their dreams swim.

hasn’t that changed the world all over again since eve ate the Apple ?

8 Responses to “remove the ESC button from the keyboard of life”

  1. dear Mohammed Gudaitis,

    thanx for your encouraging words..

    do share this with all the people you know can as the more dreams2swimmers like you the better.

    stay with us in the sea of life..

    team dreams2swim

  2. Basically to follow up on the up-date of this topic on your blog and would wish to let you know how much I appreciated the time you took to write this valuable post. Within the post, you spoke regarding how to really handle this matter with all ease. It would be my own pleasure to accumulate some more ideas from your web-site and come up to offer other people what I discovered from you. Thank you for your usual excellent effort.

  3. Sunil Buch
    March 4th, 2012 at 3:37 pm Said:

    dear Paulina,

    thanx for the inputs and wishes..

    team dreams2swim

  4. Prajit Menon
    March 25th, 2012 at 1:11 pm Said:

    Must say Chief, this is immensely thought provoking and inspiring ! May be next time, when even the remotest thought of procrastination strikes me, reading your blog or even glancing it once., would send it to a perpetual state of suspension !!

    Too good Sir !! Keep penning and keep inspiring as always !

    Prajit Menon

  5. Sunil Buch
    March 25th, 2012 at 1:43 pm Said:

    right on prajit..
    no escape button in the keyboard of life !

    team dreams2swim

  6. Mr.Buch,
    Your compositions are indeed anyone can relate to and very much inspiring.Thanks for the experience u share with us.It seriously does a differnce to our thought process and does alter our attitude the right way where needed.

    Madhura Dabholkar

  7. Sunil Buch
    April 26th, 2012 at 8:35 am Said:

    ms dabholkar,
    thanx for your kind words.
    do stay with us in the sea of life encouraging our thoughts to fathom the depths & keep fetching pearls of wisdom 🙂

    team dreams2swim

  8. Dear Sir,

    A very true and good read, the concept of 3d’s was a very nice insight to the article.


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